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Title: Phantom Touch
Author: Delilah Storm
Length: 7,300 words (25 pdf pages)
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: m/m/m (?) erotica contemporary paranormal
Rating: C+


Coerced by his friends, Chris enters the old Weyburn mansion on Halloween night.  The most haunted housed in Ashville, Weyburn mansion is supposed to be possessed by the spirits of Mrs. Weyburn and her many lovers. From the moment Chris enters, he’s plagued by touches which quickly turn into caresses and then more. How can Chris possibly escape all the pleasure those touches bring, and does he really want to?


This is weak on the romance side, but if you are interested in some hot paranormal erotica, this might be the choice for you. Chris is bullied by his friends into participating in a haunted house challenge. He’s terrified of all things horror-related, but after one bad experience, he tends to go along with things rather than risk the ridicule. He has to enter the house, go to the attic, ring a bell and come down. He finally makes it out of the basement, only to have his flashlight go out, and before long, he’s being molested by ghostly touches, however, that’s not such a bad thing.

The next period of time is the ghostly encounter with one (or more since there are more hands than two, or maybe that’s a ghost trick), and Chris is getting it from all sides and angles, and before long has even run out of spunk. Once it’s over, he finds the door and gets out, only to be criticized by his friends for making them wait.

Chris accuses their gay jock friend of being behind it. He denies it, however promises to give a better blow job, having learned from the best. He smirks at the house and given his comment about last year’s experience there, I’m presuming he had a run-in with the ghost as well.

To be honest, I didn’t much like Chris’s friends or the love interest. The friends, especially his friend Karen who was a real bully, were not very supportive.  Not liking scary movies or horror myself, I could relate to Chris, and was angry on his behalf for the pressure his friends exerted. I also thought Heath, the love interest was very smug and arrogant. Besides being a hot jock, he didn’t come across as very appealing.

I thought the author did a great job with Chris’s fear and anxiety during the story, and even his confusion over what was happening, but his inability to stop it during the sex. Or perhaps his desire NOT to stop it. I just found the characters surrounding that even rather obnoxious and off-putting. But that is my interpretation and others may not find them so. But if you enjoy some paranormal sex, you will probably enjoy this short spooky story.

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brianonthbottomTitle: Brian on the Bottom
Author: Dawn South
Length: 5,000 words
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: m/m contemporary erotica
Rating: C+

Brian Yates is a quarterback in the SexFL. Teams in this football league go wild after the final play, with the winners picking a member of the losing team to help them take full advantage of their victory.

Brian’s been bored with life in the SexFL, but everything changes when an unexpected twist lends Brian on the bottom. Getting touched and teased by his teammates, with his favorite receiver calling the shots, leaves Brian feeling desire – and pleasure – that he never expected.

This short piece of erotica centres around a fictional American Football league called the seXFL. The football games are normal, but once the games are over the teams strip off and have sex with one of the losing opposing team. Brian is the quarterback for his team and is so good that his team often win. He’s not too bothered about the sex until the tables are turned and it’s his turn to be on the bottom.

If this all sounds a bit like a porn film, well that would be a fairly accurate description! To be honest, I rather enjoyed it in all its porny glory and the fact that it’s well written added to my enjoyment. Brian seems like a decent bloke and I liked that we get to see some of the things he likes about being in the league – such as getting to play football – and some of the things he doesn’t – like his smug teammates. The build up to the sex was nicely done and the sex scene itself was fairly inventive, if a little difficult to picture at times. Given that it’s erotica the sex is pretty tame (or as tame as group sex can get!) but again that suited me as I’m not a huge fan of dirty erotica.

The story is only short and so, aside from Brian, the characters are a little flat but given that they are there mostly to facilitate the sex then that wasn’t so surprising. The story is based around one sex scene and the ending only hints at a possible romance between Brian and another character which I felt wasn’t necessary to the story. Having said that, I liked the lighthearted tone and the cheeky humour in the narrative. If you’re looking for a very short and naughty quickie then this could be one for you.

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dirtydrag1Title: Dirty Drag
Author: Kyle Adams
Length: 6,341 words
Publisher: Self Published (and free!)
Genre: m/m Contemporary Erotica
Rating: B

Blurb: Ashley is on a mission, but is he willing to take all the risks to show he’s got what it takes? Rick is a man who knows what he wants, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he gets it. When a gorgeous redhead walks into his local bar, wearing sexy heels and a mini skirt, he knows exactly who wants. But, looks can be deceiving, and sometimes you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Review: I love a good x-dress erotica! What I didn’t expect was for the two sequels of this book to move into a romance rather than stay erotica. It doesn’t happen until after this story, even though this story shows the immediate connection that Ashley and Rick have, so I still think of this one as erotica. And it’s really hot, just as I’ve come to expect all of Kyle Adams’ Dirty Shorts to be.

Ashley likes to dress up as a woman sometimes, but he’s gotten really tired of his friends making remarks about it. So he decides to do something new. Ashley dresses up as a bombshell and goes to a little dive bar where he’d never be recognized to meet a straight guy and seduce him. What he doesn’t expect is for the hottest man in the bar to realize straight away that he is trying to pass.

But Ashley knows that sooner or later Rick will find out that she is really a he trying to trick him and does everything he can to hurry along their encounter. Rick sees everything that Ashley is trying to do, the dirty talk and over-the-top come ons, so he plays it slow no matter how much Ashley is driving him crazy. Rick fully expects that he’ll have Ashley back in his bed at home, but neither can wait to leave the bar and end up in the dirty bar bathroom.

This was a really fun short and a good first introduction to this couple. Ashley is hilarious at times and I love Rick because he immediately sees through Ashley’s affectations, something that Ashely worries about because the idea of a guy he likes actually seeing the man he really is — the one who also likes to be Ashley the girl — frightens him. This first story shows Rick affirming Ashley’s feelings through his actions, by showing Ashley that he’s sexy as a woman even though he knows Ashley is really a man.

Perhaps I’m wrong about this, but I never really thought that Ashley identified as *trans. Simply that he identified as a man who occasionally liked to dress to pass, or even might prefer above all to dress in an androgynous way. So that’s why I didn’t categorize this as a *trans story.

I’ll be back in the next two weeks to review the next two installments of the Dirty Drag series. You can get them all in one volume now and they’re free, so there’s no reason no to pick them up now! Get them here at:

ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-dirtydragcollectiondirtydrag123-1194150-145.html

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dirtycopTitle: Dirty Cop (Dirty Stories)
Author: Kyle Adams
Length: 4,599 words
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: m/m Contemporary Erotica
Rating: B+

Blurb: Some guys will do anything to avoid getting a speeding ticket. But what is a guy to do when the cop he thought he left in the dust, shows up at his front door looking like a pissed off badger? This story is a free read and was originally released on Hearts on Fire Reviews.

Review: I just love Kyle Adam’s stories and this is one of his best! Conrad is in big trouble when he’s pulled over by a sexy cop. As soon as the man asks for his papers, he yells, “Scissors, I win!” and drives away. Now he’s at home and begging his dog, Princess Leia to distract Daddy Brayden when he gets home so he can confess.

But before that can happen, the big sexy cop knocks on his door. And he isn’t happy!

Last year I started reviewing Kyle’s Dirty stories, starting with Dirty Fighters and Dirty Zero, both of which I really liked. So I’m glad that I’m reviewing this story now so I can go back and review all the others. The best part about this story is Conrad, who is hilarious and totally into what is happening with the cop. It’s hot and dirty (not raunch dirty though) and a little peek into his life. In the past Kyle Adams has written sequels for some of his shorts and I’d really love for him to continue this one! Definitely recommended 🙂

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17934177Title: Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player
Author: Patrick Darcy
Length: 12,000 words (40 pdf pages)
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Genre: m/m erotica
Rating: B-


Star Irish rugby player, Conor Murphy, lives and breathes rugby. He spends his weekends playing rugby, drinking beer, and singing songs with his teammates. There is only one thing he loves more than rugby, and that is hot rugby players. But after the final whistle sounds, the real competition begins: the hunt for the hottest men.

Conor’s muscular body and roguish good looks ensure he can have his pick of the sexiest players. But what happens when this alpha male meets his match on and off the field?  Who will come out on top when he meets the horniest rugby players from the USA? Can two alpha males have the night of their lives?


Given that I have no understanding of rugby whatsoever (beyond it’s kind of like America football) I did enjoy this short piece of erotica, but that’s very much what it is. Two guys getting off, no hearts and flowers and they are tough guys who don’t worry about politeness and gentility. It won’t be for everyone, but if you are in the mood for something decidedly gritty and sexy, it’s a good choice.

Conor is in New York playing in a gay rugby league tournament. During the game with the San Francisco team, he meets Tonio and decides that he’ll get him in bed one way or another. At the after-tournament party at a nightclub, he finally connects with the man and after some dancing and foreplay, they had back to Conor’s hotel. Only they don’t make it to the room but get sidetracked in the little room with the ice-machine where they have some fun with ice and sex, followed by more sex in the hotel room.

Now a word of warning, there is no condom use here, nor lube. Ack! I was more disconcerted by the lack of lube than lack of condom. There is also two felching scenes which some may not be into. It’s not really my thing, but I just kind of skimmed over those couple of paragraphs and didn’t think about it much. You don’t get to know much about Tonio, the story is told from Conor’s POV, but while at first he seems like he could be an arrogant twit, there is a little bit of insecurity that makes him likable. An example is when he ends up dancing on a raised platform and tries to impress Tonio before they hook up:

Must look sexy, must look sexy. Do I look sexy or do I just look like I’m having a stroke?

So this may not be the book for everyone, but I have a feeling it’s a pretty realistic portrayal of how a real-life hook-up progresses, including the use of poppers, than most of the romance we tend to read in m/m. The writing is smooth and Conor is an appealing narrator, so if you are in the mood for a more gritty piece of erotica, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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carnivorousvegan_3d_500Title: The Carniverous Vegan
Author: K.A. Merikan
Length: 5,800 words
Publisher: Storm Moon Press
Genre: m/m contemporary
Rating: B

Aiden is not only a vegan, but also into freeganism. Late at night, he often goes off to scavenge the bins of a local supermarket. Unfortunately, this is not his lucky night, and he falls prey to the worst predator of all—the store security guard. His crystal skull didn’t warn him about this! But was that a glimmer of attraction he saw in the guard’s eyes? Maybe luck was turning his way after all!

This comic short combines a hot encounter with a amusing lead character in Aiden. He’s scavenging the bins at a local supermarket for the vegetables that are still fresh but thrown away for being past their sell by date. He’s caught by the security guard who’s determined to call the police and even the offer of a blow job doesn’t seem to sway him to let Aiden go.

I really enjoyed this cheeky story which poked gentle fun at the sort of person who has dreadlocks, is a strict vegan and consults his crystals on important matters of health during meditation. I liked Aiden and great deal and found myself laughing a few times at some of the things he thinks about. The fun of the story is in the dialogue between the characters as the confident Aiden baffles Pavel, whilst Pavel is helpless before Aiden’s strong come on. Poor Pavel the security guard doesn’t stand a chance against him as Aiden manages to wheedle his way out of being prosecuted and into Pavel’s pants.

The story is limited to the encounter between the men but I didn’t mind the lack of detail in the characterisation, especially Pavel because I was having too much fun with the whole story. The romance is limited to the hint that there be the possibility of further meet ups but again, I didn’t mind about that. In fact I would definitely like to see more of this pair who would be a very odd couple being quite different in personality and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for something short and fun then this would be the perfect story. It’s also free at SMP, being part of their Earth Day celebrations, so there’s no excuse not to pick it up and have a read!

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BeginningOfKnowledge_cvr-210x315Title: The Beginning of Knowledge
Author: Anne Brooke
Length: 12,000 words
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Genre: m/m contemporary BDSM
Rating: B

When University administrator Alan Castleton meets temporary worker and talented pianist Luke Milton, he doesn’t expect to become obsessed with the handsome young blond. But soon he is heavily involved in a passionate and angry affair, and exploring the dark shadows of his own personality in a way he’s never encountered before.

The more Alan tries to break free from his obsession, the deeper it entangles him. The dangerous split between his reason and his sexual desires threatens his peace of mind and, when the crisis point comes, he must decide once and for all the kind of life he should lead.

Alan meets Luke when Luke joins his university department. There’s an immediate attraction between them and despite the awkwardness of an office relationship the pair start having sex. Luke is a masochist and this calls out to something in Alan which he has tried to bury. With Luke he is given the freedom to be a sadist but at the cost of his self-respect. As his obsession deepens Alan knows he must step away before he does something he will regret.

I feel like I ought to start with a warning for this book. It reminded me a great deal of Uneven by Anah Crow, which is another book which deals frankly with a relationship between and sadist and a masochist. This book is graphic and visceral in its portrayal of a man who is used to suppressing his sadistic side and so refuses romantic relationships in favour of quick erotic encounters. Luke sees to the heart of Alan very quickly and his desperation to be hurt during sex calls to Alan and he quickly become obssessed with these violent sexual encounters with Luke. The author does a really good job of showing Alan as he starts to unravel, torn between his desire for Luke and all that it entails, and the need to control himself, to know that he is safe from what he sees as these terrible wants within him. I had a lot of sympathy for Alan.

However, because the story is so focused on Alan, we never really get to know Luke, or what Luke wants from his relationship (such as it is) with Alan. We know that he craves the violent sex and the humiliation but not whether he wishes for more with Alan. There’s a heartbreaking scene towards the end which gives us a little glimpse into Luke but not much else during the story. I understand why the author used the closed narrative of Alan only, but part of me wishes I’d seen some of Luke’s narrative too.

This isn’t a romance. The sex is not tender and romantic it’s bloody and violent with a strong dose of self loathing from Alan. It is, however, very well written and as a study of Alan, torn between desire and reason it’s well worth reading as long as you have strong stomach for the sex scenes.

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frenchlessonsTitle: French Lessons
Author: Pelaam
Length: 14,100 words
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: m/m contemporary romance
Grade: C+

When Jesse is caught daydreaming in class, he faces being thrown out or proving his worth during a one-on-one lesson. Is his French up to the standard this master desires?

Jesse goes to French classes with a friend, but soon spends more time having erotic daydreams about the teacher than he does on learning the language.

He is caught not paying attention once too often. Corwin, the class tutor, gives Jesse an ultimatum–a one-on-one lesson to prove he’s worthy to continue or be thrown out of the class.
Jesse accepts the challenge, but is his French up to the mark?

Moreover, is that the only lesson Corwin wants to give him?

This erotic short was heavy on lustful longing. It tells of Jesse who signed up for an evening French class to support his friend and finds himself lusting after the French teacher. He’d like to make a move but knows it’s not ethical to start something with his teacher and so is holding out for the end of the course. One evening Jesse is caught day dreaming in class and Corwin is not happy. He instructs Jesse to meet him in his office for one to one tuition but Jesse ends up getting more than he bargained for.

The start of this story worked well for me. I found it amusing that Jesse is so lust-crazed over his teacher that he finds it hard to concentrate and the sexual tension is palpable. It also sets the scene for what comes later because it becomes clear that this will be a highly erotic encounter when it happens, and it is. In many ways both characters are living in the present as we don’t find out much about them other than they are attracted to each other, but that worked well within the context of the story, so I didn’t mind that the characterisation was a little flat.

The sex scenes were hot and heavy, but different. The first sex scene is mere erotica, two men getting it on with a BDSM touch. The second scene occurs after the men have had chance to get to know each other a little better and is more romantic, leaving us with the impression that the relationship will grow and develop.

Any niggles I had with the story centred on the ethical side of things. Whilst it was thrilling to see two men so caught up in desire that they throw caution to the wind, and also that Jesse is an adult, I was still a little concerned about them carrying on with each other whilst still in a teacher/student dynamic. This is even played on a little with the BDSM element. However, this wasn’t enough to spoil my enjoyment of the story too much and this was still and enjoyable erotic interlude with a touch of romance.

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Miami Moon (1)Title: Miami Moon: Vampire’s Lair Book 1
Author: Geoffrey Knight
Length: 13,000 words (60 pdf pages)
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Genre: m/m erotica paranormal horror
Rating: B


Some of us are gatherers. Some are hunters. Some are healers.

Jason Cain ran away to Miami not only to escape his past, but to escape his future as well. He left behind a pretty girlfriend, a college education, and a promising career in the shadow of his father, a prominent Chicago surgeon. He also left behind a haunting tragedy, something that stopped him from becoming the man he was destined to be. But all that is about to change.

Under the Miami moon, Jason Cain is about to be chosen to fulfill his destiny—to become a healer.

Drawn into a forbidden world, plucked from the streets of Miami and taken to a mansion filled with danger and debauchery in the middle of a Florida bayou, Jason is about to experience male love, lust and longing like he has never known before. Here, the Vampire Xavier—the muscular, dominant master of his own lair—will give Jason the redemption and healing that he so desperately craves. The price—his mortality.


This book is the first in a series, and is part of a special line at Wilde City which given it’s endorsed by a popular adult entertainer, I’m presuming will be smuttier and less “romantic” than some stories out there. It definitely fits the bill, as this first book, a set-up for Jason’s story falls into the erotica/horror side of the genre.

As noted, this is the set-up, with Jason seeming to have “run away” from home, from a domineering father who had set Jason’s path in life, a girl friend who seems more impressed in being with a future doctor, and some kind of traumatic event that happened in an alley, which seemed to trigger his flight. While searching for a job, he’s sent to a mysterious door, and is tempted inside by a man who seems to know about his past. The next thing he knows, he is drugged and taken to a mansion where a variety of men are engaged in random sex acts, and he’s about to meet Xavier, the naked owner who has a pet alligator. (It was a nice touch.)

It seems that Jason never really considered himself gay, given the girlfriend and all, but before long he’s naked and Xavier is telling him he’s a vampire. Right. Jason doesn’t believe that until Xavier reveals himself and sends Jason running into the swamp, where he is promptly attacked by gators (silly northern boys who forget about such things). He rescued by Xavier who heals him and he accepts becoming a vampire, and hot dungeon public sex occurs on an alter.

This sets up for Jason to be a type of vigilante, as he gets revenge for what happened to himself in the alley, and then reveals that he also has healing power like Xavier did. I’m assuming there will be a series of adventures with Jason having hot smutty sex, and saving random people while taking revenge on evil-doers. It’s gritty and dark with some blood and gore, and Xavier’s got more of the horror edge to him than the typical romantic vampire hero. So if that’s what you are looking for, it certainly fits the bill and I’ll be curious to see how Jason does as he gets his life (or non-life) together following his conversion.

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clownd_cover600-200x300Title: Clown’d
Author: K.A. Merikan
Length: 26 pdf pages, 10,000 words.
Publisher: Acerbi&Villani ltd
Genre: m/m/m/m/m/m contemporary BDSM erotica
Rating: B+


— It’s clowns. It’s a gangbang. It’s helium balloons. —

Some nights just don’t go as planned. It’s Halloween and Kyle’s rushing home to see his boyfriend after a late evening shift at work. As usual, he takes a shortcut through the local park, but a poster informing about a killer clown in the area makes him apprehensive about being alone in the dark. It’s only when he discovers there is a man in a clown costume following him that he panics. Soon, it turns out his cackling shadow isn’t the only circus freak hiding in the dark, but what does a bunch of crazy clowns do when they catch you?


Warning: this book features a kidnap gangbang rape fantasy, complete with scary strangers in clown masks, humiliation, toys and bondage.

Hands down, this is one of the dirtiest stories I’ve ever read. I have a feeling it’s only likely to be picked up by those who have a taste for more extreme erotica, but just in case, please heed the warning! This isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Kyle has been with his boyfriend, Dan, for three years, and they appear to be in a solid, loving relationship. On Halloween, Kyle takes his usual shortcut home from work through the park, his head full of their evening ahead. However, he spies a poster warning of killer clowns, and then realises one is following him. Soon the park appears to be full of clowns out to get him, and he can’t outrun them all. Before he knows what’s going on, he’s surrounded and bundled into the back of a van, with five, highly aroused clowns who all seem intent on having their way with him.

Part of what makes this such a successful kidnap/rape fantasy story, is that we’re not left in doubt that Kyle is being pushed beyond his limits. Before they even get into the van he’s subtly clued in by Dan–one of his captors–and given the chance to back out if he isn’t sure. Despite his initial terror, though, as soon as Kyle realises this has been set up by his boyfriend he feels completely safe. There’s an incredibly high level of trust between the two men, and it’s clear they play regularly, although never before with this many others.

Kyle doesn’t just accept that a gangbang is about to happen; this is a long-held fantasy so he’s over the moon about it. He acts the part, though, putting up token resistance and getting slapped about and treated roughly in return. The aspect of this story that really made it stand out was how well the authors explained what Kyle was getting out of it, really making me understand his psychology:

He felt like a king. Even if he was being called names and manhandled, he still was like the most important person in the van and reveled in every second of it.

Be warned, if humiliation in BDSM stories squicks you, this is one to stay away from. Kyle is called all manner of degrading names and humiliated in other ways that are pretty amusing (I don’t want to give a spoiler here, as I’m sure it wouldn’t be a specific trigger for anyone.)

The story flows smoothly and is pretty well edited for a piece of self-published erotica. I noticed a few typos, but no more than I’ve seen in stories from other epublishers. The only thing I found disturbing on the first read through (apart from the whole clown thing, which is creepy!) was the situation Kyle is left in at the end. However, this didn’t bother me on my second read through, as I could see it was all part of the plan and he was given ample opportunity to safe word if he needed to. In fact, despite having just been used and abused by a bunch of strangers, Kyle is deliriously happy, and I felt like I could understand why.

This story won’t be for everyone, but it’s a real treat for those pervs with a stomach for this kind of twisted kink. I’m impressed at the sheer audacity of the storyline, and that K.A. Merikan has somehow made scary clowns sexy. I’ll definitely be reading more by this talented writing team!

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