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Change of Site Name

As from tomorrow the URL for this site is going to change to:


Sorry for any inconvenience.

Jen & Tam

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Today is a bank holiday in the UK so instead of a review, you can hop over to my blog and check out my pictures from the Pride parade yesterday.



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Mini Blog Break

Between my chaotic life and Jen getting prepped for the UK Meet (so jealous I can’t be there this year) we are taking a week off and should be back to full speed (or half-speed anyway 🙂 ) on the 15th. Hope everyone is having a great summer.

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We’re gong to be taking a break this week at BER. We’ve all been getting a bit swamped with that silly old real-life, so we are going to take a little breather this week and come back rejuvenated.

Wishing everyone a lovely Easter this coming weekend and hope that the bunny leaves you some chocolate. See you April 1.

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While many blogs do fave stories, cover or whatnot, we are going to pass on that, and do just some statistical stuff, because I’m a stats geek and you have to suffer my fascination. 🙂

So what did we do here on the blog in the last 12 months? Well…

We made:  458 posts

We reviewed: 421 short stories (Wow!)

We did: 13 author interviews

We did: 7 book give-aways

We had: 3 guest posts

How were our ratings for the last year?


Sort of a bell curve. Hmmm. No F grades though, that’s a good thing.

What genres were most popular? Take into account that the choices contemporary and paranormal often fit more than one category, as you can have a paranormal historical or a contemporary menage. (We need more contemporary menage, or fantasy menage, or historical menage, I sense a theme coming on.) There was one little Trans* story there. Often they seemed to be in anthologies which we don’t review.


On a more fun note, Where are y’all from?

us-flagOur top 10 countries from which we receive guests are:

United States

United Kingdom





New Zealand




Our top posts that are NOT tourism related (we get tons of hits on the tourism posts we did for the last Petit Morts series) or give-aways are:


Jenre’s Sunday Rambling – The Cross Dressing Hero (still popular nearly two years later)

Echos of War – Guest Post by Alexander Voinov

Introducing Fabian Black

Part 1 of the Interview with Jordan Castillo Price

And our most viewed review for 2012, even though it was the first review we ever posted at BER on December 1, 2010…. drum roll please….

Kid Christmas Rides Again by Eric Arvin.

Other popular reviews were:

Happy Birthday to Me by Anne Tenino (reviewed in 2011)

Bathroom Trysts by Mykola Dementiuk

Dirty Zero by Kyle Adams

Lube Job by Shannon West and Remy Deveraux

A Very D Christmas by Jane Seville (reviewed in 2010)

And for fun, what were some of the more creative search terms that drew people to the blog?

elfCross dressing (and variations on this)

Cherry coke (Really?)

Beans on Toast (I think that was Mara Ismine’s fault 🙂 )



Elf hunk (*snort*)

Gay cop (we’ve had a few stories with those)

So there is BER’s year in review. I’m looking forward to lots of fun posts in 2013 and of course, buckets more reviews. Hope you all join us for the fun.

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Happy New Year!!!

From everyone here at Brief Encounters Reviews, we wish everyone a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2013. May you find those books that make you smile, and cry (in a good way), and laugh, and create memories through the year. We look forward to finding new gems, new authors and stories from some of our faves from the past.

Thanks to all of you who joined us in 2012, and we hope you’ll continue to stop by and share your thoughts and opinions with us on the stories and topics we discuss. 

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All of here at Brief Encounters want to wish you and your’s a wonderful holiday season not matter which your celebrate or not. 🙂 Enjoy your day and we’ll be back tomorrow with more reviews.


I found some cute trees made out of books.

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Day of Rest … or two

I know, I know, that’s usually Sunday. But Jen and I both are taking today off to recover from the UK Meet. I’m writing this in advance, but today I’m going to be doing some work meetings in London and then flying home, and Jen just got home last night and has a family and job clamouring for her love and attention. So we’re taking a little day off and you’ll have to stay tuned for our reports on the UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet, which I’m sure will be amazing. (It’s weird when you write something before something else happens. But I’m pretty sure I’m going to be smiling all day.)

See y’all tomorrow. Or Wednesday, well, before the end of the week. 😉

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Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone. So what is a celebration in Canada. It depends. I live in the nations capital so we have a HUGE celebration downtown at the Parliament buildings, the whole downtown area really is blocked off and there are concerts and then a huge fireworks celebration. I have to say, if any Canadians get the chance to go, it’s an amazing experience even to only have once. I’m not exactly a flag-waver patriot (oh wait, I have a Canadian maple leaf tattooed on my ankle, maybe I am) but it is rather awe inducing to hear 60,000 people singing Oh Canada at the top of their lungs in front of the Parliament. *sniff* Makes ya proud.

Anyway, most large cities have celebrations and fireworks in some central park or location. I am in Vancouver (probably getting ready to board a plane as this posts), so I’m not sure what we’ll be doing today, but definitely seeing what Vancouver has to offer in the way of fun.

Here are a couple of little Canada-related videos. Flippy Cat is quite amusing in the first one.

This was a poem that was created by a slam poet for our Olympic games in 2010.

Probably one of the most successful ad campaigns in Canada. It was kind of the first blatantly flag-waving and I think surprised a lot of self-effacing Canadians. It spawned tons of variations, from serious to mocking. It’s not a great video but the only one I could find.

For those of you out celebrating today, celebrate safe and have a wonderful Canada Day and I hope some day all of our friends from around the world will be able to come and visit our fair country. You are always welcome.

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Easter Holiday

Since a few of us get a nice four-day weekend to celebrate Easter, we are taking a couple of days off there at the blog. There will be no reviews on Friday or Monday, but we’re going to be back Tuesday with two very special reviews from Cole and Ruby. We wish everyone a wonderful Easter, whether you celebrate in a traditional manner, or simply spend time with family and friends if you get a day or two off work. Hope the Easter Bunny brings everyone a treat or two.


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