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brianonthbottomTitle: Brian on the Bottom
Author: Dawn South
Length: 5,000 words
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: m/m contemporary erotica
Rating: C+

Brian Yates is a quarterback in the SexFL. Teams in this football league go wild after the final play, with the winners picking a member of the losing team to help them take full advantage of their victory.

Brian’s been bored with life in the SexFL, but everything changes when an unexpected twist lends Brian on the bottom. Getting touched and teased by his teammates, with his favorite receiver calling the shots, leaves Brian feeling desire – and pleasure – that he never expected.

This short piece of erotica centres around a fictional American Football league called the seXFL. The football games are normal, but once the games are over the teams strip off and have sex with one of the losing opposing team. Brian is the quarterback for his team and is so good that his team often win. He’s not too bothered about the sex until the tables are turned and it’s his turn to be on the bottom.

If this all sounds a bit like a porn film, well that would be a fairly accurate description! To be honest, I rather enjoyed it in all its porny glory and the fact that it’s well written added to my enjoyment. Brian seems like a decent bloke and I liked that we get to see some of the things he likes about being in the league – such as getting to play football – and some of the things he doesn’t – like his smug teammates. The build up to the sex was nicely done and the sex scene itself was fairly inventive, if a little difficult to picture at times. Given that it’s erotica the sex is pretty tame (or as tame as group sex can get!) but again that suited me as I’m not a huge fan of dirty erotica.

The story is only short and so, aside from Brian, the characters are a little flat but given that they are there mostly to facilitate the sex then that wasn’t so surprising. The story is based around one sex scene and the ending only hints at a possible romance between Brian and another character which I felt wasn’t necessary to the story. Having said that, I liked the lighthearted tone and the cheeky humour in the narrative. If you’re looking for a very short and naughty quickie then this could be one for you.


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BodyLanguageTitle: Body Language
Author: Katrina Strauss
Length: 15,013 words
Publisher: Self Published – Amazon, Smashwords
Genre: m/m contemporary romance
Rating: B

Seth Winters has a dirty little secret: he likes to be watched. When he discovers online playground Body Language, he finds a world of anonymous men eager to watch him perform naughty deeds on cam. Anything goes, so long as viewers only see him from the neck down. If only he could broach the topic of his taboo fetish with offline love interest Logan…

Logan Chase blogs food reviews by day, and gets off to online exhibitionists at night. He repeatedly deletes his profile at Body Language, vowing to focus on real-life pursuits like his sexy new friend Seth, only to return to his guilty pastime again and again. When the voyeur gets up enough nerve to reveal his true identity to his favorite cam performer, will it be a match made in heaven? Or the biggest mistake of Logan’s life?

It’s been a while since this author released a new m/m romance story so I was pleased to see this self published short. I was even more pleased when I got a sneaky peek of one of my favourite D/s couples – Blue and Derek from the Blue Ruin series – whetting my appetite for their new book coming soon :).

This book isn’t about Blue and Derek, but rather Seth who works in his aunt’s cafe. When a sexy guy, Logan, comes to the cafe, it sets off a curious chain of events which leads to Seth discovering that he’s a closet exhibitionist.

Body Language has all the hallmarks of this author’s books. The writing is crisp and the characters are well rounded enough to suit the word length, especially Seth. I liked the way he begins to explore his new-found exhibitionism – the slight worry and shame about posting explicit pictures of himself, coupled with excitement, bravado and pleasure at the response he gets from those viewing the pictures. The explicitness of the act, alongside the thoughts and emotions of the characters made the story a sexy but also satisfying read for me.

I also enjoyed the tentative relationship between Seth and Logan and the way their dating ran alongside their online interaction for a while. When the inevitable happens and they discover the truth about each other, I was a little irritated by Logan’s response and the fact that he makes Seth seem like the bad guy when they were both to blame. However, this was only a brief part of the book and so I forgave him his temper tantrum. Seth seems the more emotionally secure of the two, despite being younger and new to voyeurism, and it gave me hope that they would be able to last the course when he was able to own up to fault.

Overall, this was a nicely constructed short with two decent characters who have great chemistry and some hot scenes of voyeurism. It made me think a little about the thought process behind the kink as well as giving me a happy feeling about the romance. If you like stories based around voyeurism or are looking for something from this author to tide you over until the next book then this will be the story for you.

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nightofthedragonTitle: Night of the Dragon
Author: Kate Roman
Length: 11,300 words
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: m/m fantasy romance
Rating: C+

Prince Colin of Astoria is turning 21 and must think of affairs of state and marriage — but all he can think of his lover, Drake the DragonRyder. Such a match could never be countenanced, but Colin knows he cannot give Drake up. With the help of Drake and the dragons, can Colin find the strength to stand against his father the king?

This fantasy story begins well with Colin attending his 21st birthday party. He’s being shoehorned into marrying the daughter of a neighbouring state and is willing to do his duty but his heart aches for his lover, Drake. At the last minute Colin cannot go ahead with the announcement of marriage. Drake takes him away but Colin is still torn between happiness with his lover or duty.

The first part of the story was very exciting with the tension in Colin between doing what his father wants and what his heart tells him. I felt very sorry for Colin as it was obvious that his father didn’t care for him at all. Colin also feels abandoned by Drake and vulnerable to his father’s bullying. When Drake appears it is obvious that they have tender feelings and the scene where they are reunited was more than just sex.

Another part I liked was in the depiction of the dragons and the hints we get of their lands. I would have liked to have known more about that and perhaps see the pair interacting with the dragons to a greater extent.

Where the story worked less well was after the pair leave the castle. This part seemed a little rushed and we discover a few things about Colin’s father that were thrown into the story but not explored. I liked both characters but the way the story concludes seemed a little forced and I couldn’t see how Colin could be content in the long run. The romance works and I was sure the pair would be happy together but the decision that Colin makes at the end seemed too much of a snap decision. Plus there were a number of loose ends left, especially surrounding the dragons and I wanted to find out how that would work out.

So overall whilst I liked the characters and enjoyed their strong romance, the setting and fantasy aspects to the story could have done with more development. Having said that, if you like dragon stories this could be one for you.

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rainbow-bashed_600Title: Rainbow Bash’d
Author: K.A. Merikan
Length: 16,000 words
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: m/m contemporary BDSM romance
Rating: B

Kyle promised himself that when he goes to college, things would change. He wouldn’t be the gay boy willing to hop into bed with any guy who wants to experiment. This was his life on the line after all. He would never find a proper boyfriend this way.

So Kyle did everything in his power to be angelic. He became the poster boy for acceptable gayness and the president of the LGBT club. But the side of him that wants to fulfill all those dirty, kinky fantasies is about to rear its ugly head when the LGBT club gets a new member.

Dan is the big, bad boyfriend-to-be Kyle always dreamed of, but will Dan still treat him seriously when he finds out about Kyle’s most secret fantasy? One that goes against everything Kyle stands for in real life.

Rainbow Bash’d is the prequel to Clown’d and tells us how Kyle and Dan meet. Dan has recently transferred to a new College and so joins up with the LGBT club. The president is Kyle who comes across as very straight-laced. Sparks fly between them at their first meeting, especially when Dan discovers that with a little prodding, Kyle is anything but straight laced.

I’d really liked Clown’d and so was looking forward to seeing how these two guys get together. The story is split up into two parts. The first bit covers where the two met meet. There’s lots of humour in this section as Kyle puts out an outwardly prudish and naive front but this keeps slipping every time Dan is a bit growly or pushes the boundaries, showing us that Kyle’s very different than his knitted vest and tie suggests. I found this part very amusing, especially when it concludes with them getting into a spot of bother.

The second part picks up a few weeks later and has a different tone. Those of you familiar with Clown’d will enjoy seeing the pair in a little BDSM role play adventure. I enjoyed seeing how Dan pushed the ‘scene’. As the whole sex scene isfrom Kyle’s point of view it was reassuring to see how much he got off on the violence and humiliation and I don’t think the scene would have been as effective if taken from Dan’s point of view. This type of kink is not really my thing, but in Kyle’s head the scene works because the reader gets to see how Dan’s treatment of Kyle pushes Kyle’s buttons, taking away any concerns about the rough treatment . The story isn’t just about the kink as it shows the progression from first meet to a commitment and I was pleased at the romance aspect alongside the grubby BDSM.

If you enjoyed Clown’d then this story is a must-read too. If you haven’t read Clown’d then this is still a story I would recommend if you like BDSM books which focus on the violence and humiliation kink, especially as there’s lots of humour as well as BDSM and romance.

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dirtydrag1Title: Dirty Drag
Author: Kyle Adams
Length: 6,341 words
Publisher: Self Published (and free!)
Genre: m/m Contemporary Erotica
Rating: B

Blurb: Ashley is on a mission, but is he willing to take all the risks to show he’s got what it takes? Rick is a man who knows what he wants, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he gets it. When a gorgeous redhead walks into his local bar, wearing sexy heels and a mini skirt, he knows exactly who wants. But, looks can be deceiving, and sometimes you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Review: I love a good x-dress erotica! What I didn’t expect was for the two sequels of this book to move into a romance rather than stay erotica. It doesn’t happen until after this story, even though this story shows the immediate connection that Ashley and Rick have, so I still think of this one as erotica. And it’s really hot, just as I’ve come to expect all of Kyle Adams’ Dirty Shorts to be.

Ashley likes to dress up as a woman sometimes, but he’s gotten really tired of his friends making remarks about it. So he decides to do something new. Ashley dresses up as a bombshell and goes to a little dive bar where he’d never be recognized to meet a straight guy and seduce him. What he doesn’t expect is for the hottest man in the bar to realize straight away that he is trying to pass.

But Ashley knows that sooner or later Rick will find out that she is really a he trying to trick him and does everything he can to hurry along their encounter. Rick sees everything that Ashley is trying to do, the dirty talk and over-the-top come ons, so he plays it slow no matter how much Ashley is driving him crazy. Rick fully expects that he’ll have Ashley back in his bed at home, but neither can wait to leave the bar and end up in the dirty bar bathroom.

This was a really fun short and a good first introduction to this couple. Ashley is hilarious at times and I love Rick because he immediately sees through Ashley’s affectations, something that Ashely worries about because the idea of a guy he likes actually seeing the man he really is — the one who also likes to be Ashley the girl — frightens him. This first story shows Rick affirming Ashley’s feelings through his actions, by showing Ashley that he’s sexy as a woman even though he knows Ashley is really a man.

Perhaps I’m wrong about this, but I never really thought that Ashley identified as *trans. Simply that he identified as a man who occasionally liked to dress to pass, or even might prefer above all to dress in an androgynous way. So that’s why I didn’t categorize this as a *trans story.

I’ll be back in the next two weeks to review the next two installments of the Dirty Drag series. You can get them all in one volume now and they’re free, so there’s no reason no to pick them up now! Get them here at:

ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-dirtydragcollectiondirtydrag123-1194150-145.html

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dirtycopTitle: Dirty Cop (Dirty Stories)
Author: Kyle Adams
Length: 4,599 words
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: m/m Contemporary Erotica
Rating: B+

Blurb: Some guys will do anything to avoid getting a speeding ticket. But what is a guy to do when the cop he thought he left in the dust, shows up at his front door looking like a pissed off badger? This story is a free read and was originally released on Hearts on Fire Reviews.

Review: I just love Kyle Adam’s stories and this is one of his best! Conrad is in big trouble when he’s pulled over by a sexy cop. As soon as the man asks for his papers, he yells, “Scissors, I win!” and drives away. Now he’s at home and begging his dog, Princess Leia to distract Daddy Brayden when he gets home so he can confess.

But before that can happen, the big sexy cop knocks on his door. And he isn’t happy!

Last year I started reviewing Kyle’s Dirty stories, starting with Dirty Fighters and Dirty Zero, both of which I really liked. So I’m glad that I’m reviewing this story now so I can go back and review all the others. The best part about this story is Conrad, who is hilarious and totally into what is happening with the cop. It’s hot and dirty (not raunch dirty though) and a little peek into his life. In the past Kyle Adams has written sequels for some of his shorts and I’d really love for him to continue this one! Definitely recommended 🙂

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MaleSeekingMale CoverTitle: Male Seeking Male
Author: Kathleen Lee
Length: 13,000 words
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: m/m contemporary
Rating: B-

He was just looking for experience. What he got was an unexpected romance.

When Greg’s best friend places a personal ad on his behalf, he doesn’t know whether to be angry or grateful. Though bisexual, he’d only ever been with a woman. But when his sexy neighbor across the hall answers his ad claiming to offer the experience Greg seeks, Greg jumps at the chance. Jack’s first sexual experience was a painful one, and he vowed to never hurt anyone the way he’d been hurt. So when Jack sees Greg’s ad, he knows he can give the man he’s secretly lusted after what he wants and leave him with fond memories. But as things heat up in the bedroom, a trust builds in their hearts. Now they must see past their differences and future plans or lose a once in a lifetime love.

This short from a new-to-me author had it’s good and points but overall the good outweighed the bad. It tells of Greg who, despite knowing he’s bisexual, has never been with a man, mainly because he hasn’t met anyone who took his fancy and also feels too old to start trawling the clubs. He’s also nervous about sex with a man and ideally wants someone who can be sensitive and gentle for his first time. When his best fried puts an ad in a local paper, Greg is inundated with unsuitable replies until he gets a reply from Jack who lives across the hall.

I liked the initial idea for the story and thought the author had done a good job in treading a fine line with Rachel. She could have come across as pushy and overbearing, and indeed by putting the ad in the paper she was interfering in Greg’s life. However, Greg’s reaction to the ad and to Rachel’s part in it meant that he was no pushover and also allowed us to see something deeper about their friendship, so I forgave that aspect. The set up was perhaps a little contrived and unrealistic, but I went with it and enjoyed the next part of the story a great deal.

The part where the story really took off was once Jack and Greg meet. There was a delicious awkwardness to their initial encounter. Greg was unsure of how to ask for what he wanted and Jack has past issues that made him cautious too. The first couple of encounters were steamy hot, full of sexual tension as the pair take things easy at first. I liked that there was also minor misunderstandings between them, but that they were both open to talking about those problems and moving forward. It really did feel like two men feeling their way into a relationship, starting to gain feelings for each other and recognising the obstacles to overcome.

It was a shame then that there had to be a scene where one character leaps to a incorrect conclusion and forces a separation. I was really disappointed that the story had taken this route as it was very out of character for that person and served nothing except to cause unnecessary friction. Even after the men were reconciled it still left a bad taste in my mouth, especially as the ending felt a little too suddenly concluded.

However, the middle section, and the development in the relationship between Jack and Greg went a long way in making this a story I may well read again, hence the reason why it’s snuck into a B grade rather than a C. It’s obvious that this author writes well and I shall look forward to further stories from her.

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